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"Agon Project is a European Union funded sports crowdfunding platform that is coordinated by Latvian Sports Federation’s Council and supported by 14 different sports organisations from 6 European countries, which are brought together in a successful and unified teamwork. We, the sports representatives, are open to include and support different European sports events and businesses to help you achieve your goals and ours."



A Team That Loves To Create

At Agon anyone with passion for sport and motivation should be able to embrace their own dreams and lead themselves and the society in the right direction.

To make that happen, we’re pushing you forward, helping you to climb over the wall that you stumble upon in bringing your events and hopes to life and empowering our society to participate and discover great projects around the Europe. We’ve got your back at every step.


Let's Work Together

Recognising that adolescence is the teenagers’ period of searching purpose of life, aims related to appearance, wellbeing, togetherness and inclusion, it is vital for them to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Plenty of lifestyle choices made will then be carried forwards often through the rest of their lives. 

By addressing young people we envisage a project that can thus bring the maximum long-term benefits. It is worth noting that sport overall is a tool of strong added value and it needs to be integrated into a wider set of development practices, in a sustainable project which favours strengthening the abilities of its beneficiaries and value chains in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Projects are right for Agon?

Innovative, dreamful, creative and socially active sports events, teams and products that show your inexhaustible passion for sports. Whether your Project is right or wrong, don’t worry, we are here to help you step-by-step to make it perfect. Start putting down your ideas now:

Does Agon take any Fees?

Yes, we do charge Service fees to Project Owners , but only because of to the Paypal transaction fees. Personally we don't charge any fees as this platform is all for Users and we want the maximum of contributions to go to the Project Owners, to organise amazing Projects, creating a lasting legacy.

Can a Project receive more Contributions than requested?

Yes of course! That only means that your Project is a great success, therefore it has created a bigger supporter base and they are ready to bring your ideas and dreams to a higher level!

What happens if the Project doesn’t manage to reach the requested funding?

You don’t have to be worried about anything. If Project receives less than expected and after consulting with AGON it is still achievable the contributions will go towards your Project and it will definitely act as a smaller kick-off point towards your Project. Every Contribution is worth a million!

What do I get from contributing to a Project?

You get the chance to Contribute to people who are dedicated for a Project and need your support to achieve their dreams and also contribute to the society, which eventually impacts us as well.

Is Agon available all over the world?

Unfortunately, Agon is available only in Latvia, but we are very keen to spread it across to our partner countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland and Finland) as soon as we can and eventually across the whole Europe.

If you have any other questions to Agon's team - Contact Us!

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