Polish Olympic Committee’s “Me and Sport” project

The Polish Olympic Committee (POC) has joined the international Project “Promotion and encouragement of recreational team sport” (AGON) with the author project “Me and Sport” prepared by the POC’s Educational Departament.

The aim of the “Me and Sport” project is the promotion of sport and the education of nutrition to minimalize the problem with the obesity among youths. The Committee decided to offer this outstanding educational project which is based on high technologies: tablets and touchscreen. This equipment was used to lead the educational workshops in three steps.

  • The mobile application “Me and Sport” (pilot project) is the core of the program. It assumes testing sports efficiency, physical fitness performance and the exploration the knowledge about nutrition and physiological processes during the physical effort on the distance of 10 km run. This short but very accessible app helps to understand the value and the costs of this effort. The extra level is dedicated to the anti-doping control with the co-operation with the Polish Anti-Doping Control Commission.
  • The diet – quiz which makes awareness about the nutrition facts and content of the very popular snack and meals, e.g. sweet drinks, chocolate cream, fast-foods, snacks etc…
  • The story game about the “Bright and Dark Sides of Sport” – the young participants of the workshops need to decide the positive and negative aspects of the sport-story they heard.


By this time the Polish Olympic Committee implemented this program in two Sport Schools in Szczyrk and Zakopane and additionally in 4 groups of the adolescents. This program will be implemented once the school year begins in September 2015 again till the end of the year in several Sport Schools in Poland. However, every year 5000 adolescent visit the Olympic Center to participate in the educational workshop. This project will be dedicated to more than 500 beneficiaries to the end of the year.

The project “Me and Sport” shows the youth enthusiasm for discovering new topics. Thanks to the chosen method (mobile application for tablets and touchscreen) the gap between the theory and the practice was fulfill. This project will be still developed and implemented in next months.

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